'ello all. This is a guestposter, Savanna by name, and Jamie has handed the keyboard to me while she does something work-related :) So this is a blog, eh? Cool beans. More specifically this is *Jamie's* blog and she said I could post about whatever ::evil cackle::

I could talk about how Jamie is absolutely out of her head and most of the stuff she says only makes sense to her. But I think everyone knows or is figuring out that she is insane. lol. But insanity is what makes her so fantastic to be around!

I do believe we're supposed to be having a NaNo meeting, Co-ML business, very important. Absolutely important!

Now she's sitting across from me on the other computer typing up stuff and babbling about Buddhist soapstars. Funniness.

And since I'm guest-posting, don't expect any witty haiku because I have not the haiku talent that Jamie possesses. Sorry, but tis true.

Adios, "figments!"

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