Oh four day weekend, four day weekend, where for art thou four day weekend? Why have you forsaken me and left me so fastly?

I had so much productive stuff planned for this last four day weekend too, and do you think I did it? Of course not. I did some of it, like the Botany homework that was due today, but not the seven minute speech that is due Wed that I still have to drag my lazy butt to the computer to write. The spoken word is stupid, I think that they should let me give my speech entirely with pantomime. I just really want this term to be over. Just two more weeks, two more weeks and I have a month off. I can't wait. I'm almost wetting myself with excitement.

Thanksgiving was a blast, I had about ten people or so over, and it was good because they all came, ate, chatted and left, so I had the evening to myself. Selfish, I know. But I'm a horribly selfish person and a terrible friend, so that should be pretty normal by now. My brother and his fiancee came up, which was good because I never get to see them anymore. They'll be up for Christmas too, but I have no idea what to get either of them as gifts. Yes, that was a small not-so-subtle hint for suggestions, since I know you read my blog!

On Friday I did nothing but watched bad movies and my Botany homework. Yes, I am that boring.

On Saturday I had the All-Freaking-Day Write-In from NaNoWriMo from 10 to 5. Chemeketa was closed-closed, as in doors chained shut closed, so I had to flag down a public safety officer (after 40 minutes of standing outside in the freezing cold) to get him to let us in. He was mad, and I spent the rest of the meeting worried he'd come back and unleash his vengeful wrath upon Sav, I, and our brave little troupe of writers. He didn't, but I'll have nightmares for a long, long time to come. Public safety guys scare me.

Sunday was a trip. In the office I'm overseeing (I guess?) a Tree of Giving for the Salvation Army, and Phi Theta Kappa volunteered to get the tree for the Lobby of Building 2. We got a 11'-12'ish tree donated from Ballyntyne Farms (they rock!) and we got to go out Sunday and cut it down ourselves. Because I found it so amusing that they were going to let us play with handsaws, I took pictures. We dubbed the tree Bob, and saw that it was good.

Cory. With a saw. A leathal and dangerous combination. Yes, he looks that derranged normally.

Cory and Terra with Bob the Tree.

Cory and Me with Bob the Tree. That totally rhymes, but this picture sucks, because I'm a moron and I had my eyes closed.

Cory going down on some wood. Yes, that joke is never going to get old.

Terra, Cory, and I with Bob all loaded up in the truck! We're so freaking awesome.

After we cut the tree down and loaded it up (we're so buff!) we went out to dinner and so I didn't get home until like late. Well, late for boring old me anyway.

Today we came in early and set the tree up. Which, of course, needed to be documented by more pictures:

See? Decorating the awesome Bob.

And, Terra, Cory and I with Bob, the finished pretty Tree of Giving. Woohoo!

It was very difficult to get other people (who know who they are) to pose for pictures. My feelings were very hurt.

I love Bob, it smells so good and it looks so pretty! Of course, I ended up smelling like a pine tree all day (even my hair still smells like tree, which isn't a bad smell at all). People, however, keep going by Bob and molesting him. I'm worried he won't have any branches left by the end of term because people keep pulling them off and pocketing them so they can sniff them. Darn tree huffers.

It's for a very good cause though. So if you're in the area, stop by Chemeketa and pick up a tag from the Tree of Giving and buy a toy for a needy child.

Now, however, I think I'm going to head off to study my notes for a bit for finals next week, and go to bed. Man, I'm old. How pathetic. It's only 10 and I'm already ready to turn in for the night. Maybe I should eat some prunes first, you know, just in case.


I do not want snow!
Today was scary with flakes,
I'm glad that they're gone.

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