Surfer Snowman layout until I get time this next week to make a new Christmas holiday layout.

I refuse to say Christmas this year. All I'm going to say is Holiday. I'm so cheesed off over all the idiotic people wasting tons of idiotic time and money because they're mad that some people and companies don't say 'Merry Christmas'.

I know so many people of so many faiths that celebrate holidays this time of year, that I always say Happy Holidays to people, because it's the nice thing to do. I don't assume everyone celebrates Christmas just because I do, because not everyone does. Stop being Grinches, you meanies, and quit blowing hot air over how people are supposedly trying to ruin Christmas and distroy Christmas and how it's all a bunch of anti-Christians. You do know Christmas was adapted from a pagan holiday, right? And that Jesus wasn't born in December?

Why don't you take all that energy and money you're putting into newspaper ads, tv commercials, tv interviews, and speeches on how Christmas is being discriminated against, and ohmigod, won't you think of the children? Put all that money into making sure the hundreds of thousands of children you're so worried about, who are going hungry this Christmas, have food.

What? That would be rational and logical? Oh, then God forbid anyone asks it of you. I wouldn't want to mess up your irrational groove, or anything.


Happy Birthday, Day!
To Miss Robiney Robin,
Have a great day, now!

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