I had a fun Christmas. A gigantic dinner with a ton of my family, and lots of fun goodies under the tree. I hope all the rest of you celebrating today had good days as well.

I got totally whipped at a game of Simpson's Operation today. I couldn't for the life of me get the dumb plastic parts out of Homer without the buzzer going off. I'm completely miffed about it. It totally does not inspire confidence in my medical carrier abilities.

I snagged some good loot though. I got a new purse which is totally cute, a CSI board game, three bath stuff gift sets (you know, with lotion, bath salts, bubble bath, ect), a froggy lufa, a book from my winter reading list (which I'll post in it's disgusting entirety tomorrow), some totally gorgeous gold-flaked glass tree balls, and a frog shaped serving dish from Elaine. Elaine is absolutely convinced I can't beat her at the CSI game, I told her that I'm an armchair detective, and good luck with whipping me. We haven't had a chance to play yet, but I'm sure when we do, I'll mop the floor with her.

I got a ton (a ton, like 30!) pieces for my Christmas village from Robin. I love villages. I have one for fall, spring, summer AND two winter ones - one Christmas themed and one just winter themed. My Christmas themed one is currently the largest, and it takes up two whole coffee tables. I'm a decoration whore, I admit it. I'm probably the only person in the world who likes getting decorations as gifts, but it really trips my trigger. She also got me a bunch of really cute Halloween decorations, a set of Christmas plates, a couple snowmen, some frog socks, a couple DVDs (Young Guns II, woooot!), a set of absolutely lovely lead crystal votive candle holders, and some candles to go in them.

Everyone was a little short on cash this year, so I was actually surprised I got as much as I did. And thankful, of course.

No jewelry though, but I got some for my birthday, so I guess a girl can't get jewelry twice in one month. That's just greedy right?

I'm still totally stuffed, and terribly sleepy, since I had to get up at 6 this morning and finish wrapping stuff. So, I think I'm going to throw my jammies and my new knit frog socks on and veg out for a while. Mmm...vegging.

Anyway, Merry Christmas! May you all sleep well tonight. Also, since it's past sunset, Happy Hanukkah to all my wonderful friends who celebrate it!


I just shop and prep,
And in a flash: woosh it goes,
Another one gone.

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