So, I'm putting my final touches on the Winter Reading List (tm). That's the list of books (everything from snobby intellectual type books to tasty junk-food books) that I will be reading Winter Term. Winter Term being January through April. I will be reading them at my night job, because, trust me, there ain't nothin' else to do.

Here's where you come in, my favorite figments. I need your ideas. What have you read lately (or not so lately) that you think I should read? That you luvred? That inspired you? That made you cry? That you hated, but you hated enough to remember it? Fork `em over. I need just a few more, and then my monster will be complete!

I've sort of already cheated, and read four of the books on the list in the last week. It doesn't matter though, because I shall replace them with your wisely chosen suggestions.

Suggest away!

My idiotic foot hurts something wicked tonight. Somebody come pamper me. If that makes me a whiner, so be it. Pamper! Pamper I say!


Splishy squishy splash.
Big drops falling on the ground.
Let's go puddle jump.

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