If anyone would like a Holiday card from me, send me an E-mail and get one out to you. Getting mail is super fun!

Yesterday I was driving downtown to deal with my bank (another post, which will be long-winded and angry, for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing) and while driving a man was let out of a parking lot (henceforth called Scrap Tin Man), and so then was the car directly in front of the car I was in. Just then, the large truck (henceforth called Bubba) in front of him went too far out into the cross-walk at a four way stop, and backed up, squashing his entire front end like a beer can under some overly drunk deer hunters foot.

Bubba truck didn't even notice he had hit Scrap Tin Man, and poor STM had to get out of once very posh and shiny black car and walk to his window and tell him.

Here is my question, because the man was let out of the parking lot by the car I was in, does that mean:

A) Somebody up there really does love me, and doesn't just spit on the ground whenever my name is mentioned like I originally thought;

Or is it:

B) One more way to stick it to me, and build up that nasty Karma that I know is going to come back and bite me in the tush. People who let other people get smashed by cars are bad people.

Help me decide so that I know how much tithing to do to The Church of Valkaslavakia this holiday season. Either way, I figure a payment is in order to those big baseball-bat wielding Button Men in the sky.


Baby, it's cold outside.
Toes are turning blueish green,
Matching lights on trees.

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