Well I'm back from a rather enjoyable day! It's a long drive there and back, but it's worth it. I got to gossip a ton while playing hand after hand of Canasta. My team won, by the way. We didn't even cheat...much.

On the way back I passed a house with a santa in a sleigh. Pretty typical Christmas outdoor decor right? Yeah, except the santa was buck naked and leering at the street. I would have written them a strongly worded letter, if I wasn't laughing too hard to write down their address.

So, now wish I could just throw my PJ's on and watch some good saccharine-filled teeth-aching holiday specials on TV before football takes it completely over, but I can't. I've still got a large mound of presents to wrap, stockings to stuff, cookies to bake, and some presents to deliver to people in the neighborhood before tomorrow morning, when I'll be heading off to Robin's house to spend Christmas.

I just got to keep telling myself it's all worth it, just so I don't have to do the dishes this year.

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