My tootsies are cold. My tootsies are cold and I'm sans a cute cowboy and/or sailor to help me warm them up. This is a crime! It's cold outside, people. If it was rainin' it would be snowin'. Thank goodness it's not, otherwise I'd never be able to get to work, and then I wouldn't get paid, and my power would get shut off, and I'd become a Jamiecicle, and how would you get your fantastic Christmas presents from me then, figments? Unless you've already peeked at them in the closet, and know that they're really sucky. In that case, I apologize, and I promise to never again buy you a cocker spaniel hair scarf or that shoe horn cleverly shaped like a shoe.

According to semi-trustable Weather.com, it is currently 27 degrees outside and dropping. Unacceptable! Now for those of you who are already below zero, this is silly to you I'm sure, but for those of us tender Pacific Northwest cool rainy weather lovers, freezing weather really puts a damper on our outdoor Salmon grilling.


Today is the thirteenth.
Tomorrow is the fourteenth.
That is my birthday.

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