I've moved my very cute blue recliner in front of my computer desk to replace my broken computer chair (a stroke of friggin' genius if you ask me!), and prop up my broken foot (yes, I broke my foot, another fun story for later on today) so while I'm waiting for Prana to get her naked self clothed and get on here so we can go fry our last collective brain cell in World of Warcraft (The total extent of my geekyness right there folks, the rest of me is all nerd), I bring you Sunday's Question, stolen from Christie.

Do you have any phobias? Have you ever faced one? If so, did facing it help you overcome it? If not, would you ever face one?

Aside from people having things in their closed fist and wanting me to put out my hand to take whatever it is without me seeing it (yay for irrational) I have a pretty big phobia of needles.

Actually, I have a gigantanormous phobia of needles. I get physically weak when I see them, even if they're on TV. What's worse? Even people talking about needles or getting shots gives me the heebies. Fortunately (or...Unfortunately depending) a few years ago while I was in and out of the hospital I was harpooned so much by those thoughtless medical vampires that I've slowly become more accepting of needles. I still hate them, and I haven't gotten past them enough to do anything like donate blood to the red cross, but I can be around people who are talking about them without dry heaving. I think that's a big time accomplishment. Somebody give me a gold star.

Now that Prana's naughty bits are all covered up, I'm going to go be a geek. Thankfully, her streaking only struck me blind in my left eye, so I can still play, I just have to squint a little to compensate.


Vacation, woohoo!
That's woohoo yay for happy!
Not the kind in Sims.

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