Some questions about the layout I've been asked, so I'm oh so nicely answering them here so I don't have to answer them anymore. Ok, so maybe it's more out of lazyness then niceness, but you can't blame me for taking the easy road.

Q. What?

A. What what?

Q. What's 'Mele Kalikimaka & Hou'oli Makahiki Hou?'

A. 'Merry Christmas & Happy New Year' in Hawaiian. Haven't you ever heard that song? "Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say, on a briiight Hawaiian Christmas Day"...urm...No? Oh.

Q. Is that snowman giving me the finger?

A. ::sigh::

Q. He's surfing?

A. Yeah, and if I had the time, I'd be really annoying and put all my links in pidgin. (Note: I've decided to, no slaping me now.)

Q. Pidgin?

A. Pidgin is a Hawaiian type slang language. (I'm not Hawaiian, and I've never been there. I have an aunt and uncle who live there and my Uncle is Hawaiian, although that might not get me out of a beating from someone who really speaks it.) I figure, I've got a theme, let's run with it. It's nifty.
Chee! You spahk, yeah?

Q. You speak Pidgin?

A. Oh no way! I know a few words and phrases and can put basic sentances together and can understand it ok, but I can't speak it fluently or anything. If I could, I'd probably get laughed at. I just think it's a neat language. I'll add the new menu and content to the pages when I get time.

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