I've got about ten minutes before I'm due at work to start prep for my first class. Prep would be a whole lot easier if I had seperate areas for things like storage, and for offices. As it is, there is one large walk-in storage room that we use for storage, prep, and where I store my office. (All neatly stacked in a small rollable file cabinet. I've christened it "Jamie's Portable Office". It even has it's own sign, that says "Jamie's Portable Office", of course. I'm way to easily amused. It's sad and I apologize.) We even use this room as a coatroom, and hang our stuff on tacks because I can't find the hooks that reside in the little baby food jar. Half the time my tack falls down, of course, I'm sure that dosen't justify turning one of the fire extinguishers that's located in the corner into my personal coatrack.

I'm sitting here making Jump Flash Cards with letters and colors. I tried it out yesterday during Math, and the kids absolutely loved it. You take blank flash cards (or 3x5 cards) and write whatever it is you want on them (Letters, numbers, words, colors, shapes, whatever floats that cute little lesson plan boat of yours.) and then you draw some stick figures 'jumping'. (Jumping is not to be confused with stick figures in unnatural, painful looking leg bent positions and wonton poses. Remeber : even stick figures have modesty.) Have the little smelly munchkins sit on the floor in a circle, and have them identify each thing as you hold it up, and when you get to the Jumping Man (as he was named yesterday) the kids can get up and jump up and down.

Whee! Unnecessary pounding, stomping, screaming noises!

Until our building is finished, we're in our own part of the Center on the second floor. On the first floor below us, among other things, is one of the staff offices. I swear my plotting this game had nothing to do with the fact that at the same time lurking in the room below was Jay pounding on his computer cringing at the faint thumps and shrieks. Really.

It was mearly a happy coincidence. ;)

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