LKP opened it's doors offically on this last Wednesday, but dosen' t hold it's first class until Monday. Which is great because it gives me a few extra hours to cram more fun and messy activities into the curriculum while zooming around town giving employees of carpet showrooms puppy eyes so they'll spill all their protective carpet coverings secrets. Teaching short cheese smelling munchins is a fine art of promoting projectile ridden projects while single handedly protecting the Stain Master. Don't believe them, it's not as stain proof as they claim.

Although I really should use this time to design a easy on/off lockable mini velcro suits and line the walls with a giant bulls eye so I can improve my aim, but the rational side of me knows I won't be able to actually make use of it till the pickup sized sling shot I ordered comes in from Singapore, so why rush things?

LKP is the only private preschool that does not offer Childcare or Extended Care that I can find in the state of Oregon (that I can find, there might be one, but I can't find them. If you can't be found, how can someone use you?), in fact, we're one of the few private preschools in the country that dosen't do anything becides actually teach a class. As exciting and undone as this is, we haven't quite hit the kid market, so our spots are filling up slowly. I'm optamistic about this, I'm sure as soon as people realize (I've been asked 600 times in the past three years if (while I was in childcare) I would 'just do preschool' so I know the kids are out there) what we do offer, we'll be full. What I find insanely amusing, is while we don't have our classes full, someone clued the job market in on us.

We've gotten four resumes and inquires about jobs in the last week. It's really kewl in a 'gee I wish we were full and could hire you' sort of way. It just absolutely proves my point that our program, and ones like it, are going to be completely accepted and wanted once we catch on. It's needed so badly, which in turn is going to make us need staff in the future. Plus, more staff = more time for me to figure out how to hide that stain in the corner and fingerpaint.

And how could I not like that?

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