I'm throwing a dinner party tonight. It's my first in my new place. I'm currently making a chocolate cherry cake, which seems to be cooking faster then it should in my mutant stove that heats 600 degrees hotter then what you actually set it at. Not only that, but I came home the other day and the stove was on, and I hadn't turned it on for almost two days. This leads me to believe that not only is it alien controlled, it's also trying to kill me.

Ah! See! See what did I tell you? I put that cake in like 15 minutes ago and not only is it done, it burned the top of it. That sucker was supposed to cook for 35 minutes. Now I'm irate, irate people! Oh well, I have ice cream to cover up the burnededness.

I'm making BBQ pork spare ribs (it's a craving, I can't explain it. Usually I steer as far away from meat as I can, but I really like ribs) mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, green beans with bacon, and cake. It's not elegant or anything, just yummy - albeit slightly messy - food with good company. It should be fun, I'm looking forward to it.


Mutant, killer stove.
Ruined my pretty dessert.
Stupid burningness!

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