I've got three minutes until I need to start hoofing it to campus, and I don't want to go. So, I'm whining to myself. It's unpleasant. It's Friday. It's cold outside. It's raining and foggy and I'll get hit by a car. I don't wanna be road hash. My backpack is heavy. I want to skip. My roommate has skipped class for three weeks now. In fact, he should have been on campus a half hour ago and he is still in bed. Why can't I skip? Why is it I would be the one kicked out of all my classes? It's warm in here. It's cold out there. I want to go back to bed. I want to watch bad daytime TV all day long. Six back-to-back runnings of The Magic Bullet infomercial followed by Jerry Springer. That's stimulating television right there. Classes are stupid. I want. I want. I want...

Oh alright. I'll go. Damn being so responsible anyway. Have a good Friday!

Edit: Class was canceled. Isn't that how it goes?


The weekend, hurrah!
This week was very long, yo.
Vacation time yet?

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