So, I am testifying in front of the college board at the next board meeting on the 14th. I'm not really sure what I'm going to say. I know that I've been told by 'insiders' that the board is looking for more personal stores of how the cuts affect the students more directly then just overall affecting them.

Erm, maybe that didn't make sense. The board is looking for testimony from people in programs that are directly affected by the cuts. There, that's better. Since I'm actually in two programs directly affected, I get to speak. I'm kind of nervous, and at the last meeting a lot of people cried. Other people crying is difficult, it always makes me want to cry. Sappy, but true.

I think the best way to approch it is just to say who I am, what I'm involved with and give (hopefully some fresh) perspective on how it will impact not only the students but the community. I am not a public speaker, but I can write. I should have opted for written testimony but it's too late now. Will someone read over what I'm going to say when it is done, and make sure it's decent? I'd really appriciate it.

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