So do you want to know something embarrassing? I knew you did.

On Thursday I worked a late shift at the SL&CS Office, and I was the very last one to leave at about 4:45 (the office closes at 4:30, but I was pretty absorbed in posters that another co-worker had asked me to make, so I lost track of the time. The poster I was working on, by the way, is pretty swanky. It's an entire underwater scene cut from construction paper. I'll snap a picture.) and since I had been sitting in the poster room for like three hours, I really had to go potty (I swear, it's relevant) and so I wandered into one of the bathrooms.

Side note, I hate public restrooms. They give me the heebies.

So, I was lifting my backpack up on to one of the hooks in the stall by the handle, and the handle tore off the backpack, and I punched myself square in the chin.

Yeah, you read right. I cold cocked myself. It hurt. I was actually so startled that I just started laughing. I laughed hard enough that I gave myself the hiccups. The other people in the bathroom must have thought that I was deranged. What else was I supposed to do, cry? It was tear-worthy, I've got a nice black and blue chin now. It was really embarrassing. But funny.

On Friday, when I told one of my co-workers about it, she laughed so hard popcorn went up her nose. It made me feel a little better. I mean, what's life if you can't make other people laugh at you?


Such lovely weather!
It is almost springtime now.
Pretty blooming trees.

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