Along the lines of Mac's post about being accountable for who you voted for, comes being accountable for your actions towards other people, and perhaps . Like these kids who videotaped the beating of a fellow student, set it to rap music and sold it as a DVD in their high school:

The footage shows one boy punching the Junction City High School student in the face. It continues with the other boy chasing him down and slamming his head into a car window.

All this as a crowd watched.

A soundtrack of rap music with lyrics about bloody knuckles and fighting accompanies the images.

Police believe the victim, who required medical treatment, was a random target. A school official heard rumors that the DVDs were being sold at school.

I'm willing to bet, like most young people these days, these kids don't give a damn about what they did, and don't have an ounce of care for other people, their personal space or personal belongings.

What I also want to know, is where are these kids' parents? Yes, I believe at 17 people are old enough to know right from wrong and take whatever repercussions from their actions that there may be, but what kind of parents raised these children that they would behave in such a way? Why were they allowed to take it from video tape to DVD and not have their parents know what they're doing? And should they be partly responsible for the behavor of their children?

It's stomach turning, and kind of scary. I've been to Junction City, and there isn't a whole lot of people there, so the fact that this kind of stuff goes on in a teeny tiny middle of nowhere town is damn sad.

While we're at it, what about the jerks who took donated toys from the Union Gospel Mission? That kind of stuff, it racks up some pretty wicked karma.

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