So much to post, so little will to type. In almost order...

I got the NaNoWriMo official junk yesterday so I can finally add them to my Nanoians goodie bags and get them out. This is great, because I've been feeling guilty about not having them all together, even though goodie bags aren't required.

The meeting on Thursday was fun, had a turnout of about 10 authors. Yay! I hope to add some activities to the next one. I didn't want to interrupt peoples writing with ones on Thursday, some people were typing away like mad. I've got good ones planned though, so if you're in the area, we'll be at Borders at 4:30 on Thursday the 18th. Be there, yo.

I hit 10,000 words! It only took me 13 days, but I did it! Are you not so, so proud? I'm at a spot in my novel that not only do I know what happens for the next 15000 words, but I actually am excited to write it (not that I wasn't excited to write the rest, just, this is where the good stuff starts happening). After that 15000 words, I know vague things in spots, but I don't know what happens completely, so it'll be fun to see what does happen.

I was out at about 2 A.M. taking Shauna to the bathroom (you didn't really think I was out partying or anything did you?) and this cop car drives by extremely slow, shining that big spotlight they have in everyone's yard. So, he swings it past me about three times, and finally shines it right in my face. So now, besides being frozen because I have no shoes on, I'm blind as well.

He sits there for like twenty seconds, and I don't say anything because it's 2 A.M. and I'm partly frozen and I'm pretty sure that I'm starting to die from exposure. So, finally he says..."Hello"

I deserve more then hello, I think, maybe a "I'm sorry I've burnt off your retinas and you'll never be able to view the beauty of the world without giant white patches from scar tissue" would be more appropriate.

"Hello," I reply. Because, I'm too tired and too much of a wimp to actually say what I think out loud.

"Are you just outside?" He asks.

Nope, pretty sure I'm inside, quite possibly in bed. "Yep. Taking my dog potty." Yes, I did say potty, what of it?

"Ah. Ok." Why yes, yes it is. "There were two boys, I got one but one ran away, have you seen him?"

"No, I haven't, I'm sorry."

"Well, keep an eye out."


I'm thinking, I'll keep an eye out, but what am I supposed to do? Tackle every boy I see and ask him if his friend just got hauled off to juvvie? I don't even know what boy he's looking for. Hey, my brothers a boy, want him? Of course, I didn't say that, but oh, it was tempting.

So he drove away, and I went inside, and he drove back around two or three times and shined the light in my yard extra long. Maybe he thought I really was harboring a naughty little boy after all. He had a cute voice though, but I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with me for thinking so.

I had to kill my fruit flies yesterday. I'm very distraught over it. I even said a few words over their alcoholy grave. We killed 117 of them. There is a special hell for people like me.

I'm making a dozen or so types of cookies for the holidays as gifts, because I'm cheap, and they look tasty. Any suggestions?

I'm done now, I promise to never again post such a horrific and rambling post. At least not ever again today, anyway.

Oh, and happy birthday to my sister Elaine, who turns 15 today. 15 means she can legally have a permit to drive. Yes, I am terrified.

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