In the never ending search for the perfect procrastination tool, I came across something that combines my complete and utter devotion to zombies with my almost freak-like typing ability. (Seriously, someone called me a freak! "Normal people don't type that fast" their exact words. Then they had the nerve to ask me to type their paper for them, people these days)

I'm talking about Typing of the Dead, the game created by Sega that is a total clone of House of the Dead 2 (a railroad type first person shooter game, in which you travel through a town that is overrun with zombies and mosters) but instead of the regular light gun (or mouse, if you're so inclined) you use your keyboard and type the words or sentences that appear to shoot the zombies.

Freaking cool, or what?

The game contains a handful of levels that vary in difficulty along with a fantastically horrid plot and even worse voice acting. The phrases and words you type are silly little ones like 'Pee-Pee Pants', 'I need a new job', and 'I didn't know it was your sister when I kissed her'. Some levels also require you to type in answers to questions that appear on the screen. It doesn't just stick to long or short sentences or words either, it throws out everything from single keystrokes to a massive jumble of six or seven sentences containing four or five words all at once.

There are also different gameplay modes, including an online multiplayer mode, for mad phat group zombie shooting action.

If you're interested in picking it up to waste precious minutes of your life you'll never get back, you can get it for free at everyone's favorite site for underrated and abandonware games, The Underdogs.

So go! Save the stupid dinky town and it's bad voice acting people from certain blood-eating, flesh-rotting zombie doom, you know you wanna.

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