I don't take my blogging seriously. I guess I should be ashamed of that fact, but I'm not. A lot of people accuse me of not taking anything seriously, so I guess this is just more of my endless mistakes for them to fling at me and whine because I make light. Is it really such a big deal that everything can be made into a joke? Just because I make it a joke, doesn't mean I'm not taking it serious or that I'm belittling it. It just means that, deep down, I really wish I was a comedian.

I've never written my blog with even a fraction of the finesse that others so skillfully manage. I don't - not because I can't - but because I don't want to. I don't post about politics, or write witty entries about my days events. I post garbage and nonsense, and I enjoy it.

So, after being humbled by the fantastic blog writing skills of two local NaNo authors who come to our meetings, I'm starting to think maybe though that I should start writing better posts. First, only three people read this - and while I don't post for other people, it's kind of disheartening sometimes, especially when two of those people live only in my head. Second, I really do have stuff to say, and sometimes it's actually pretty clever stuff. Rarely, but it does happen.

I know it's cliche, but they make me want to be a better blogger. No, forget better, I'd be happy with semi-competent.

So, starting tomorrow, I'm going to start changing my posting style here. Not completely, but more of the stuff that maybe will cause people to comment, or even come back. (By the way, to my three readers, have I mentioned how much I do love you? I heart!)

But for now, I'm off to take a Health quiz that's due by midnight. One, which, I thought was a test and read the entire chapter on STDs for. Come to find out, it doesn't even cover this chapter. I read all that stuff on puss and sores and looked at all those bad cartoon drawings of guys innards for nothing. Like porn my butt.

Should I bring back the Haiku of the day?

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