I read disgustingly fast (so I've been told) my current personal record is ten 300+ page books in a 16 hour period. (Yes, I really did it, and yes, I remember what I read.) Lately I haven't been able to read as much as I like to, so I got myself some books (a few from the library in my garage, remind me to take pictures of it to post in here...one I bought myself, because I deserved a book) and I've decided to try and read a book (or at least half) every evening to give myself some wind down time. My life is pretty hectic, I go home, grab a few hours sleep and go straight back to work or someplace else when I wake up, all this rushings really starting to frazzle me. So, reading is my current solution (along with writing, and picking out dollhouse paint for the dollhouses living room which is currently a weird yellow color. I was so excited, Fred Myers sells these little pouches of sample paint that's perfect for one room in a dollhouse and they're a million times cheaper then buying a quart of paint or dollhouse paint from a minatures store. I'm a geek, you should know this by now. I didn't buy any though, I'm broke)

Last night I read Four Blind Mice by James Patterson. I started reading James Pattersons books just before 'Kiss The Girls' made it as a movie. He's a good writer and his books are alot of fun, plus his main character (Detective Alex Cross) isn't inflicted with a Mary Sue complex like some mystery/suspense writer characters are. That wins points. This one wasn't as good as some I've read, but it wasn't bad either. I'll give it two and a half ducky wuckys out of five. (I'm sure nobody cares, but here it is anyway)

It's a pretty good read, but unless your a diehard fan (or like hardbacks) I'd wait for the paperback. Or, you can just borrow mine.

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