When we last left yours truly, she was scrambling like rat on fire to finish her homework for her follow up meeting.

I got most of it done (save 11 pages) and our follow up people were late (30 minutes) which was ok but frustrating because there was a CORE class tonight. I'm not going though, so all is good.

So I thought.

The follow up goes peachy until the nice ladies tell me I'm missing not one (the 11 pages) but three assignments. Two of which I didn't even know about.


Also not there was my extra hour work, which I did but so nicely forgot to print off, because I'm stupid like that.

So, they gave me all the hours (6, which was quite nice of them) with of a promise to send all the work into them Monday. Yay, more work.

So now, I have to finish up this work this weekend, do all the printing I can while borrowing this printer, fix my lovely Gram's weird phone problem (She has no dial tone on any line, but still has her DSL working. The phone company is spying again), clean her house and buy a new purse, I broke mine on the way to the follow up.

I'm sad, and would wear all black in mourning, but my purse was black and I'd just rather not have the bittersweet memories.

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