Last night's book was T.J. MacGregor's Out Of Sight. Starting off with two characters, Logan and Tyler, as their sitting in a room located on an abandoned air base that contains a device ment to make things invisible (what they call shrouding) as test subjects for the goverment. When the first test with human subjects goes bad, Logan flees, leaving Tyler behind.

So far so good.

The book bumps you ahead three years, where we meet the Townsends, going on a camping trip in the Everglades, while there, they wander into a test site the scientists have made to test the shrouding and it's effects. Then we bump back to Logan, Logan is still invisible and has no firm proof Tyler (Who she believes never escaped) is still alive. So, she decides to go back to the air base and find solid (no pun intended) evidence that Tyler is alive, and where he is. In the process, she screws some stuff up, and inadvertently causes it so the Townsends end up invisable too (along with a Dog named Dog, who's been a target of shrouding experiments for quite a while).


So, the plot moves along, and now everyone is being chased around by the goverment. Which always happens (never to me, thank goodness). I'm not going to go into any more detail there, because I'd hate to ruin anyones book for them. If you want my personal opinion (if you don't, you should seriously take a second look at the site your on, but I know you secretly do) I've got to say that all it all it was a fun book. Cute plot, great characters, good writing. My only gripes are it was too short, the author deffinatly could have put more content into the book, and it cut off without letting us know what happened to certain characters (No, I won't tell you) which upset me because I wanted to know. (and pout and two and three and four) However, the lovely author makes up for that by not killing off Dog. Authors who kill animal characters lose all their points.

Remember that.

All in all, this one gathers three Ducky Wuckys.

Next book is Bentley Little - The Return of which I have only read the first chapter but already have already found it quite interesting. I think it was the carcass that did it. I've never read anything by this author, so it'll be interesting to see if it's any good.

Yay. I love books.

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