Once again my blog is refusing to update. Maybe it's a sign from the Almighty above.

The earth quakes with tremors and the clouds in the sky above part. A brilliant ray of holy sunlight breaks through and illuminates the keyboard through the window, and an angelic chorus sings unseen in the background.

Then, the land is silent and a deep booming voice is heard, causing unslightly goosepimples to cover all the flesh of the land and eyes to tear with its radiating love.

God: "Jamie! Get your damniable hands off that keyboard and stop flooding the internet with your useless mental garbage! Damn me! You are such a bother!"

Pathetic Whelp Named Jamie: Erm? God? Erm..But...but...

All That Is Devine: "NOW WOMAN! Don't make me come down there and do things of biblical preportions to your worthless human ass!"

Unworthy: Fine, fine. Geesh...God's these days, you think they created the world or something. Stu...::grumble grumble::

Mister Man Himself: "What was that?"

Me: Nothing...I didn't say anything. Sorry God. Won't happen again. Honest.

God: "That's what I thought."

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