Alright. I want to go see Ring 2. I don't want to go alone, because going alone to the movies is a bit on the pathetic side. No offense to those of you who are more comfortable as a person then I am, and can go to the movies by yourself. I'm just not that secure. Nobody I've asked will go with me because they "Don't like scary movies".

I'm friends with a bunch of chickens.

Someone want to go with me? I've already seen the Japanese one, but I want to see the American version. C'mon. It can't be that scary. I'll be your best friend. I'll give you a cookie! Please? Pretty please? You know you wanna.

By the way, the graphics aren't loading because I'm a Mook and forgot to renew Brighterskyte.com on time. It's just one more reason why I need to do a new layout, or hire an extremely cute personal assistant in tight jeans. Whichever.


Today is Monday.
I didn't go anywhere,
The joys of Spring Break.

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