Spring break is soon. Since I only have one final (and two final papers all due on Wednesday) I really don't have to worry about rushing around to finals. I will be doing work study trying to work in about 30 hours next week, but it's running the Book Exchange.

If you go to CCC, don't take your books to the Bookstore! Take them to the Book Exchange near Student Life. You can set your own prices, which means you can make more money off your books. Plus, I believe we accept books that the Bookstore won't buy back. We're running for the next two weeks, so stop by, ok? Oh, and we're so much more fun then the overpriced Bookstore people are!

I don't mean that actually, yes we're fun, but I like the Bookstore people. Don't tell the CL&CS Team though, they've got a little rivalry going on. I've seen them eye the Bookstores advertisements. I've seen the way they've slyly shoved the table-tents on to the floor and stepped on them with a little gleeful dance. Or the way they cover the Bookstores advertisements on the bulletin boards with ours after poking a million tiny manic pinholes in their posters. I've seen our door hangers torn in half and tossed on the dirty dirt, or the way our flyers mysteriously vanished from the information desk. There is some serious competition going on there, I may get tarred and feathered for my little confession.

Since I'm going to be having so much free time (nearly two weeks with no classes! Huzzah!), making a new layout for this blog is going to be on the top of my "Things to do to Waste Time" list. Right up there with bowling and getting my nails done. Seriously superficial, but I've never had them done before, and some people have the prettiest nails. Since I've never gotten them done before, I know nothing about it. What kinds are the best to get? What colors? Anyone?

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