Since the roommate is in Eugene for the next week, I have the apartment to myself. Just me, myself, and the naughty I. Do you think I'm taking full advantage of it? Of course not. Here I could be throwing wild parties, hosting orgies, or at the very least going through his stuff, but I'm not.

I'm so boring, I should be ashamed.

I'm taking advantage of it by working, oh, and doing a new layout. See? It's new. So tell me, my fantastic readers, what do you think? I pounded it out in about an hour, I just want to know if it's that obvious or not. I skipped Spring all together and went straight for Summer. Let me know what you think. Honesty is great, but lying is even better.

I don't have everything up yet. I want to add more sidebar stuff, like my playlist and whatnot, but I'm done with it for tonight.

For the record: I told you so! I told you I'd do one and I did! I'm so proud of me, someone get me a gold star.

Mucho thanks to James, who listen to me whine through 90% of getting this thing to work right. I always have the worst trouble with the dang side tables. You're a sweetie!

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