Only one more day to go, and the term is completely fin. I managed to finish all my papers, and I even got in a few minutes of studying at the study group today. It was a heck of a lot of fun, but not very productive. There were only four of us there, but the other three there were the three funnest people in the class anyhow, so it was all good. I lent out my notes, it's good to know that I'm useful for something. Most of the rest of the time was spent talking about sex or cats, because when you get down to it, isn't that all there really is?

I'm so fried with this term that I can't even remember if my mentoring class assigned a responsive reading essay for the last week of term - which was last week. Since I have until tomorrow to figure it out, I guess I'm going to have to go sheepishly track down my professor and tell him I finally blew the last marble to bitty-bits, and see if there was one.

The Zoo final is tomorrow. I feel much more comfortable with the information that's (supposedly) covered on this exam then the last one. I haven't spoken of the last exam on here, because there is shame, and you really don't want me to drudge up shame do you? It won't be flattering to either of us.

I'm totally done and ready for a break. A whole week of not having to trample back and forth from campus. I promise, I'll change the layout and stop whining. I've been super whine girl lately and it's starting to even get on my nerves.

So, how about you? How are all of you doing? Good? Almost good? Poor? Tell me all about it wouldja? My comments are lonely, and I know I have more then five readers, and that's not even counting the ones I've made up. Of course, I know my posts have been lacking lately, so the no comment thing is my own fault. I'll get my sense of humor back someday, honest.


Spitting is nasty.
Flying drops of saliva,
Riddled with germies.

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