It has been so lovely outside this week. I guess wearing my capris during frosty mornings as a plea for Spring and freezing my legs solid finally paid off, it's supposed to be 75 today! It's actually nearly unheard of here in Oregon in March. Normally, we're in the 30-40 range, sometimes we even have snow. I prefer this over the snow anyday. Hear that snow? I don't want you this year, stay away.

I've been keeping my windows open, since it's so great out. It's not even cold when I get up in the morning, it's just pleasantly cool. This is perfect spring camping weather, anyone want to go camping? I promise not to let you get mauled by a bear. I'll bring the marshmallows. You bring the cute park rangers. Three or so, if it's no trouble.

Even the birds are happy, they're out twittering in the trees near my window. I've also been hearing an owl hoot, maybe he's a confused owl? Or maybe he's just enjoying the sunshine as well.

The only drawback to this lov-a-lee weather, is that if it stays this nice after the next term starts, I'm going to be sorely distracted from my studies and work. In fact, I'm going to be extremely tempted to play hooky. Every day. I won't, I promise, but I'll be really, really tempted. I might even whine about it, which we don't need any more of. Maybe my instructors will have classes outside? That would be spiffy.

That inspires me. I've got YCC in a little over two hours. I think perhaps we'll have our class outside today. Take out some chalk, the hula hoops, some balls...yeah. Come play, it'll be fun. Hopefully they haven't started construction on the back parking lot yet, if they have, we can't go outside, since the grass is right past the construction site.

Keep your fingers crossed, and have a fantastic day!


Finals in three days.
Oh, such lovely spring weather,
So hard to focus.

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