Just wandered in the door, soaking like a drowned rat. I don't smell like a rat though, I don't think. I went and saw a movie with a friend. We saw Hitch, once we made it to the theater that is. Six turns around, one U-ey in the middle of the road - in the dark and rain, and directions from our friendly neighborhood McDonald's later.

It was not too bad, actually. It was cute, and sappy like all good romantic comedies are. Plus, it made me feel super crummy about being single! But only for a few minutes, that sickness has passed, I'm all better now.

After dispensing some friendly advice to my friend about her current troubles with relationships (which kind of made me feel bad for us seeing Hitch. Myself, if Imaginary Boyfriend and I were fighting, I'd go see a good slasher movie and superimpose his face over all the victims, but hey...that's just me), she dropped me off and here I am. Safe and sound, aren't you all glad?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to bed. I've got a zillion plastic Easter Eggs to stuff and hide in the wee hours of morning before God even wakes up, and I need my bunny sleep. And why am I doing this, you wonder? Why, it's so that the cute little kiddies can scurry around all happy and giggling and steal them so I have to buy more next year find them, of course.


Ah! Figment boyfriend.
How I love thee! Your silent,
and leave the seat down.

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