I know everyone is sick of this, but I really want one. So I'm pimping it again. Yes, it's that, the Free iPod offer.

I only need three two more people. Three! Two! Thanks Vince, you rock.

Yes, I know the offers you have to complete are stupid. (One of the people who did it for me did the blockbuster one, and ended up with two free months of movies and 10 free movie rentals in store out of it...their service was pretty good)

If you don't know how this works...then listen up! You follow my referral link, and sign up. Upon signing up you must complete an offer (I bought ink) and then you must have five people sign up under you and complete an offer. All I need to get the iPod is for you to complete your offer, if you want one, you have to have five people complete theirs. Evil, isn't it?

Most of the offers are stupid, but there are a couple free 30 day trials (like efax) which all you have to do is put in a debt/credit card number and then cancel it in a week or so. It won't cost you anything. Plus, the other one, Zooba is kind of neat, you sign up for books and they send them to you once a month at a flat rate per book with free shipping. I might actually do it.

Yes, the whole thing is a marketing ploy, but you get a free iPod, and I really want one. Have I mentioned that?

I am a poor college student who will be spending nearly ten hours a day on campus this next term. Please support me in giving me tunes, so that I do not go postal and staple people to death in the Student Life office.

Please, desperation is so unattractive. Don't you want me to stop begging now?


Final grades today.
Oh, the scarry horrorness,
I'm sure I got Ds.

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