Here I sit Figs, in my jammies at 11 in the morning, with a bowl of left over fruit salad from last nights Christmas dinner, listening to it absolutely pour down rain outside and surfing YouTube. Stupid YouTube. I blame this entirely on Melissa, who has started a VBlog channel which has forced me to compulsively check hers (and other) channels for updates, and has me searching for a good camera to make some of my own.

Stop me. Don't let me do it Figs! Don't let me become a YouTube whore! Save me from myself before it's too late!

I have to say however, YouTube is a zillion trillion million and three-quarters better then MySpace, which is a complete and total waste of every brain cell and does nothing but lower the collective IQ of society. I hate it there, I hate that people insist on messaging me there and not using my real E-mail address, thus forcing me to log in more then the once a never I would prefer. Going there is like using a blow torch on your eyeballs just to see if it hurts or not.

In other news, my Christmas was a very nice and quiet one spent at Robin's house. I ate far too much food, played lots of games (and lost and pretty much all of them) and just had a really nice day.

My brother and his fiancee couldn't make it up this year, so it was a little bit smaller of a group then it normally is. I missed seeing them, because I so rarely get to see either of them during the non-holiday season. I'm sure, however, they enjoyed having their holiday alone together with out us crazy people.

Lane spent the night last night, and we stayed up gabbing like little school girls until nearly 5. She's still asleep in the other room, and will probably sleep until this evening if I let her, and I will, because I'm a great sister like that. She doesn't have to work until tomorrow evening, so she's planning on just staying until then. This is good, because somebody really needs to clean the bathroom, and it's not gonna be me.

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and didn't vomit from eating too much pie, and that you have a fantastic and safe New Year.


So much food is left.
Gingerbread and cookies, man.
Lots of turkey too.

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