Sav stopped by today for a few hours. She brought me a belated Birthday present, which she didn't need to do, because she had already bought me some really pretty picture frames and the Zombie Survival Handbook, which every girl should own. You never know when the zombie Apocalypse will strike, and you should really be prepared.

She got me the entire Kolchak the Night Stalker series on DVD, the old one not the new one (very awesome!), which is officially the first TV show I own on DVD. She's also loaning me her old cell phone because she got a new one (a very swanky Razr), until I can get mine turned back on. It's a prepaid, so I'll have to fill it with minutes, but I really appreciate her doing it for me. I hate feeling so cut off all the time.

So I have a few minutes, so I can probably send texts until I can get more minutes on Tuesday. If you want the number, leave me a note and I'll E-mail it to you.

I have the coolest friends.

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