I'm such a boor, that I'm dragging out my chemistry books so that I can get a jump start on the first couple weeks of reading so that I don't feel so behind when classes start again on the 8th. Someone come save me, let's go see a movie or do go to an arcade or something, don't let me waste my last week of vacation studying like the nerd I am.

Melissa posted a really good Vblog about religious intolerance that I think people should go watch and respond to. She has some really good points that she makes and plus, she's just so darn cute, how can you not stare at her with dreamy eyes? I know I do.

I'm working on the first very rough couple of chapters on a novel idea I've been batting around since November for the first WilWord meeting of the year in January. I shall humbly submit it to my fellow WilWorders and hope that they don't kick me off the raft, since I, technically, am the one next in line to be thrown over for the alligators.

The novel is horror (of course) and is a really simple idea that I hope will be fun and refreshing to write. Especially after the garbage that spewed during NaNo this year. I need something enjoyable to work on for a while.


Warm and steaming cup.
Fragrant smell of herbs and spice,
Tea is so yummy.

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