So my vacation has officially begun. I have lots of fun things planned for this free time, because it will be my last real free time for a long while. I plan on being as worthless as possible, which started with a trip to the library to update my reading list for Winter.

I may or may not have gotten about 20 books, and may or may not have read two of them yesterday in about four hours. I have the best mutant power ever.

I need to update my side bar with books, but first I need more books. So as always figs, I would love to pick your brains. Tell me what you've read lately that you think I should read as well, so I can add it to my list. I will read just about anything, so give me whatever you've got...book wise, that is. You can keep whatever is making your face boil up to yourself.


Holiday cheerfest.
Mistletoe and garland hung,
And pretty lights glow.

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