NaNo once again ends for another year. Because of the untimely illness of Guido, I only made it to 36,000 words, which isn't winning, but it's better then nothing.

I'm so proud of my Wrimos, we had more winners this year in Salem then any other year ever, they are so rockin'! I look forward to working with them again next year.

Yesterday was our TGIO party, it was very laid back and small, with lots of game playing and even some novel bits reading. It was fun. Sav and I gave 'winner' medals to all of our winners, but really, everyone who participated was a winner for even giving it a go.

My friend Tif loaned me her laptop for a bit so I can be a little connected (no car, no phone, no computer makes it really hard to keep tabs on what's going on at work and whatnot) until I can get Guido working again. I won't be able to get my phone back on, probably ever, because even though I bust my ass working, I barely make enough to keep my house and power on.

If anyone knows of some good night jobs that pay something decent and have shifts of only four or so hours a night, pass them my way, would you?

Christmas is coming! I'm both excited and really sad. I'm so broke nobody is getting anything from me this year, which bums me out, especially in the case of my siblings, who I really like to spoil. I'm excited though, because I really really like this time of the year, there is just so much to do, and it's always so much fun.

I pinched a nerve in my back yesterday, so I'm sitting on my couch being a bum. You should message me, and keep me entertained.


Next week is finals,
A month of vacation looms,
Bright like the north star.

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