So I've got a ton of baking to do, because tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I'm skippin' out of Dodge pretty early in the morning to head to relatives until Monday night. I love my relatives, and I suspect they love me a teensy bit, but probably not enough to allow me to completely take over their kitchens and dirty every dish in their house.

I've got two cakes (one devils food orange cake with orange chocolate icing, and one peppermint cake) trays of about a dozen honey biscuits, almond roca cookie bars (they were a big hit at Thanksgiving) and about two dozen sugar cookies. I like baking lots, which is funny because I don't eat dessert type foods because I think they're icky. But I still love to bake and I like baking for the holidays the best. I finished my gingerbread house yesterday, and I have to say, it looks awfully cute.

Here is my current problem - somehow something got spilt in my oven (which I have no idea what it possibly could have been) and now my oven is smoking. When I opened it, there were flames. Yeah, you heard me right: flames. I set my kitchen on fire. Gold star for me!

My smoke alarms (all of them) went off and everything. They are those hard wired into the electrical system alarms, so they sound worse then normal battery ones. Luckily with them being electronical system type things, when one turns off, they all turn off, unfortunately they work the same way, when one alarm goes off they all do.

No cute firemen in cute suits visited me though. A thing that I am both highly disappointed and deeply thankful for.

Everything is fine, it's just a little smokey, but now I have to clean my entire oven to get whatever the crap it is spilt in there off so that I can finish my baking, because I have trays and pans and what have you sitting on counters (and in the freezer, in the case of my sugar cookie dough) waiting to get all toasty yum golden brown.

I can't clean the oven however, until it cools off, so I'm sitting in my living room with the door open (and it's cold outside Figs) writing a post instead. Oh, and semi-listening to whatever movie is on TNT right now...um...one of the LOTR movies.

I suppose I should go see if the oven has cooled off enough to let me scrub it. Bleech, anyone want to come clean my oven for me? Next to the toilet and the fridge, it's always one of the worst things to clean.


Christmas cooking time.
Butter and milk, eggs and more,
Missing from the store.

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