My friends Cory and Terra stopped by last night on their way out of town for the holidays. While they were here, I gave them their very sad Christmas presents. I got Terra a set of crystal votive candle holders, and I gave Cory money - not because he's hard to shop for, but because since he is my babies mommy, I suppose giving him some kind of child support during the holidays is the responsible thing to do.

While they were here, I told them all about the sadness that was my day when I came home from Christmas shopping yesterday, and found poor Kero dead in his aquarium thing. He was fine when I left, but it made me wonder if because the weather has been so strange, and my house isn't insulated that well and it's always cold, if it got too cold for him.

I'm very sad about the loss of my frog. I had him for about three years, and I feel really crappy, like I must be some sort of horrible person to kill a froggy. Seriously, he wasn't that hard to take care of, so I must suck.

Terra suggested a burial, but since it was nearly nine, and they still had a long way to drive last night, and it was storming, we couldn't do it. Putting him in the freezer in a box was suggested, something that I'm horrified about. Actually, I feel horrible about anything we might do with him. I'm such a wuss.

So, probably sometime next week we're having a funeral for my frog because we're all big dorks. If you'd like to come, and say a few words...that would be great. In lieu of flowers, just make a donation to Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society, which works to promote education, conservation and care of reptiles and amphibians.


Wrapping paper time.
Pretty bows and ribboned tags,
underneath the tree.

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