"Brokeback Mountain" was good. I enjoyed it, because lets face it, gay cowboys are hot.

I read the short story ages ago, so I knew how the movie would end. The movie also stayed really true to the short story for the most part, which I enjoyed. Since I knew the ending, I didn't cry nearly as bad as I thought it would. It was still sad, but a good movie.

Unfortunately, the theater was jam packed, including a ten or eleven year old girl in front of me who kept running commentary through the majority of the movie until a woman in front of her told her to shut her yapper. Then she only talked about every ten minutes or so. What was worse, is she was talking to her mother who was talking back. I love how people teach their children manners.

Sitting next to me was a guy who came with his wife who spent every scene where any male contact was present either rubbing his eyes, covering his eyes, or looking down at his feet. I thought the was hysterical. The amount of uncomfortable male vibes that were swimming around the theater was amazing. One guy got up and left and told his girlfriend he wasn't going to come back. I think that guys kissing should be the new way to combat terrorism. Throw a couple of tongue-swapping guys out and bingo, you've got yourself a surrender. Men are such insecure wussies.

I'm off to finish my math homework and do some laundry. What a lovely evening for me!

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