So the first week of classes have gone by in a whirlwind. So far everything looks like it will be a snap this term, which is a good thing. I ended up dropping Woman's Studies. Not because I'm adverse to studying women - seeing how I am one - but because it was an on-line class, and I know that I'll put it off to do things for lecture classes instead. Laziness is my friend. I've found with myself that I really just have to have either lecture classes only, or online classes and nothing to distract me from their deadlines. Because I'm only home about 6 hours a day (and it's spent sleeping) it's far too easy for me to thumb my nose at online class homework and hide under my covers instead. My covers don't judge me with mean letter grades.

We invaded the Courthouse Athletic Club on Friday for our swimming orientation. It looks like that's going to be one of the funniest classes this term. We plan on going in the wee hours of the morning, before God is even awake, three times a week. I absolutely love to swim, and so I'm very excited about it. Plus, once my diabolical plan is in place, I can drown the people whom I'm attending swimming with (and want to take over their identities) and make it look like an accident. Or, if in a pinch, lock them in the sauna.

Also on Friday we all went and saw "Memoirs of a Geisha" which although not as good as the book (movies from books never are), was still a fantasticly enjoyable film. I suggest you all go see it! I'm proud to say I didn't cry...much. I also forced nearly everyone to play a game, begrudgingly, of Dance Dance Revolution with me. There are pictures of this floating about somewhere, that I might try and get copies of. I didn't take my camera with me, so I didn't get to snag pictures of anyone defacing the theater chairs, or stealing movie posters.

Yesterday I succumbed to my shopaholic side and bought myself some wonderful regaping of holes in my head, some really cute new clothes, including a bunch of jeans. This was fantastic because (to my horror and dismay!) I found today that my very last pair of favoritist jeans ever has a hole in them. I loved these jeans so much I bought four pairs of the very same kind, all of which have died horrible grisly deaths over the past two years. Plus, the store was completely out of the brand in the right length. I, being a giant, can't wear average length jeans. Do you think anyone ever stocks tall ones? Of course not. I should sue for discrimination!

I'm planning a farewell ceremony for my jeans, as they depart this world to become scrap blocks for my quilt. True symptoms of packrat disorder, I can't part with anything, not even stupid jeans. I need medication before I die smothered in the piles of crap stacked about all over my house.

I'm going to a matinee showing of "Brokeback Mountain" today, where I'm going to blubber like the girl I am. I know I'm going to cry, because I cried over the story...plus, I'm pathetic and cry about everything. It's pretty much a given now. I'll let you know how it was when I get back.


It is ten-twenty.
My house is quiet and dark,
Because it needs cleaned.

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