A very happy 21st birthday to Miss Savanna! Friday the 13th is a pretty good birthday to have, if you ask me. Now that she's over the hill, I can start having samples of Geritol and Depends sent to her house.

We had a meeting of V ET L today, in which I presented to the Captian a chocolatey cake and the first seasons of both House and SeaQuest. Absolutely no meeting business was conducted, but fun was had by all, and pictures were taken, which I'm trying to track down so I can post them here and embarrass the birthday girl even more. Yay!

Have an awesome rest of the day Savvy! Myself and all my personalities love you!

In other news...a fantastic three-day weekend looms on the horizon. I plan on doing as little as possible, and a good time shall be had by all.


It is still raining.
My shoes are always squishy,
and feel really gross.

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