Les Schwab is awesome. Not just because of the fact that they changed and fixed the tire that got popped by a nail for nothing, or because they give away Jeeps every year, but because of all those yummy guys in uniform and the free popcorn.

Nothing is better on a hot day then a overly air conditioned tire place with cute guys working and free popcorn.

I went to the Library with Lane and Mikey and helped Mikey turn in his Summer Reading Program raffle tickets, since he can't do it himself. He had 180 of them, one for every hour he's been read to this summer. It'll be a shame if he doesn't win that collection of horror books teddy bear. Especially after all that hard work he did being read to.

A haiku, yo:

I drive better then you,
I don't eat or pick my nose,
While merging a lane.

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