Does anyone by any chance want a kitten or, say, maybe, nine of them? Both of my cats (who are now well known in the neighborhood for their lack of morals and loose ways with the male cats. Oh, how they shame me) decided to not only get all preggers but pop within days of each other and I now have nine kittens.

This is what you get for moving and letting your used to be indoor cats become outdoor cats. Of course, they get pregnant before I can get them fixed, because it's some kind of conspiracy.

I don't want nine kittens. Two are more then enough for me, so I've decided to give them all to you. They are all very cute (three black and white, four orange, two calico) and will be ready to move into your home in just a few short weeks. I'll be there to drop them off as soon as I can steal them away without their mothers seeing. No, you don't get to choose. It's either this or I learn to make kitty soup, and you wouldn't want that, now would you?

I didn't think so.

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