I lost my post. It was a long post. It was a good post, wrought with meaning and deep thoughts. It was witty even. Witty!

Oh well, it's gone now, so instead you get this post. Personally I think you've been gypped. You should write your Congress type person and complain. Especially since I'm far too lazy to rewrite the whole thing.

I went grocery shopping today, that's pretty much the extent of my life full of excitement. I got stuff so I can make Ravioli soup. Did I ever post that recipe here? If I haven't, and someone wants it, I'll post it. It's pretty good, if I say so myself.

I got the fall course catalog for the college in the mail yesterday, registration for classes starts the 17th, I suppose it would be smart to at least have an inkling of knowledge about what it is I'm going to register for. Seriously though, I just want the easy classes: Basket Weaving 101, Dissection and Analysis of Daydreams, Ice Sculpting; you know, the classes that'll keep my four-point a four-point. Also, I want my nails done and a pretty pink Barbie backpack. Is this too much to ask?

A haiku:

I love me some bread!
God bless those carbohydrates,
Atkins is nutso.

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