Because I'm a big copycat, I stole Kelly's reading list and put one up on my side bar. Well, I stole the concept, I changed the books. I've actually read the next book on her list, and I loved it. This reading list is the last thing I'll add to my side bar because it's getting pretty long, and nobody reads it anyway.

I went to the coast yesterday, not for anything fun, in fact I didn't even get to see the ocean. I had a meeting. I'm getting pretty darn tired of driving that windy road that makes me completely nauseous and not even seeing the beach. It's really quite cruel. It was raining on the coast as well, which I like. (I guess you'd have to, to live here) I meant to get some pictures of the mountains all foggy as we went over them, but I was too busy trying to focus on the horizon and not vomit all over the other passengers. I figured they'd appreciate that.

Today was Fred's first day of college! Everyone go over and tell him to have a good day. We're awfully proud of him. Someday he'll be rich and support as all!

A haiku:

Today is Monday,
I wish it was Saturday,
So that I could nap.

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