One of the biggest piles of crap for working for yourself - and don't get me wrong, I love working for myself and I have no interest in working any sort of job (sans Forensics) for anyone else ever again - is the fact that when someone (a client, for examples sake) who is completely ditzy does something ditzy and poor you doesn't have a supervisor to shluff it off on and has to handle it yourself.

So this lady submits her coursework, and doesn't include her information with it. You know, the potentially important stuff, like her mailing address. So I write her back and say, is this submitted stuff yours and if it is, the C.D. needs the following information so the certificates can be sent, ect, ect. So she writes back and wants to know where her certificates are.

Um, lady, I don't have your mailing address. Where do you think they are? In the pocket of magical little elves that deliver it to your doorstep?

It's no big deal though, right? So I write back again and say that I need this information before the certificates can be sent, and finally after a couple more letters saying the same thing, I get her mailing address. So now her certificates are nearly two weeks overdue because she didn't get the information to me until yesterday. All I need is a fit pitched now because of how late she finally gets them in the mail, and my week'll be made.

What I really love, is people who sign up for Membership and don't put their complete mailing address or even their e-mail address in for the data base. Or even better, put 'Private' there. That makes sending them certificates or tracking them down like a wild super happy fun day. Why buy courses from us knowing perfectly well we need your mailing address to send you the certificates to prove you got the training hours and then put 'Private' as your address?

Why? Why why whywhywhy? I guess it's sort of like the whole licks for a Tootsie Pop thing, the world may never know.

Also - it's amusing that Bloggers spell check gives 'corkscrews' as a replacement for 'coursework'. Some days I too think that the checking the coursework is an awful lot like being tortured with corkscrews.

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