Is anyone going to watch the Olympics? If so, what parts? I doubt I'll see much of it, because it's not really my thing. I generally don't pay much attention to it when it's around, but I did think this was awesome:

There was huge applause for Afghanistan on its return to Olympic competition after an eight-year absence and with its first female athletes. Coach Nina Suratger, in a shimmering green robe and head scarf, carried the flag.

The entrance of the more than 500-member U.S. team -- led by basketball guard Dawn Staley -- drew cheers. But some people also stood and put their thumbs down in an apparent show of displeasure for the war in Iraq. Moments later, the Iraqis entered to a roaring ovation.

Also, I'm totally rooting for Kiribati. As a newbie country in the Olympics, I'm seriously hoping they go home with something.

A haiku:

Off to play DII.
Gonna really whomp Fred's tush,
While we watch Charley.

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