Unlike some people, lack of sleep doesn't make me cranky, it makes me nutso. Once oxygen stops reaching my sleep deprived brain, I start to find everything extremely amusing - even more then normal. I giggle a lot at nothing and tend to fall over at inappropriate times. The no-sleep me is probably what I would be like drunk, if I drank.

I haven't been getting much sleep between the heat (100+ weather is just not right), the dog (who sleeps on the end of my bed) and the cats, one of whom has decided a fun game is: Steal all the kittens, even the ones that aren't yours and put them in hard to reach places, like behind the deep freeze, or under the stove in the kitchen. This game is not as fun as she thinks it is.

So I've spent the last couple nights chasing down kittens and putting them back in their box in my bedroom. I try and keep the door shut, but with the dog coming in and out (and the fact that if my door is shut air does not circulate through my room and I asphixiate and die) and the like, it just causes problems. I'm thinking of locking them in the bathroom, or better yet, putting them in a pie. No, locking them in the bathroom sounds good.

I'm seriously contemplating ditching work for the next couple hours and taking a short nap. If I don't (or don't find myself a whole truckload of caffeine soon) I will be completely worthless by noon. Completely worthless - that's nearly five times more worthless then I already am.

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OTC, hurray!
I got their new catalog,
Fun crap abounds, yo.

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