I got M&N International's new fall/winter catalog in the mail today. How can you not get giddy over 226 pages of nothing but holiday and party decorations plopped directly in your mailbox? I know I just about wet myself.

I love decorations. I am a self proclaimed decoration slut. Really. I get all weak in the knees over crepe paper and balloons. I could care less about the party, my favorite part is the decorating.

I have a bunch of holiday parties coming up after September. One is a 'harvest' party for the YCC, since Halloween falls directly on a class day. I don't like calling them 'Harvest Parties', because it seems blasphemous to the Great Holiday that is Halloween. But, I'd rather roll my eyes and say Harvest then have some parent somewhere mad at me because their kid doesn't celebrate Halloween because it's the Satan's holiday, and how dare I. It takes all the fun out of it when you have Party Poopers for parents, or when the person throwing the party gets slapped or told she made Baby Jesus cry. Poor kids. Besides, you'd think it would be obvious what kind of party it was when you show up and there is black plastic for walls, blood smeared on the floor, and spiders and witches dangling from the ceiling.

I'm thinking of sewing my own costume this year. It sounds daunting, but it might be a good challenge. I liked the idea of a really cool silver, black and red Pierrot costume, but then I decided that Jesters are far less scaring to some people. So, I'm thinking a Jester. I have a Jesters wand and everything, I'll probably just get fabric to match that. Unfortunately the majority of it is pink, so I may have to stick with the silver/black/gold colors that is on it instead. Pink is a disgusting color. I want to look nifty, not like a giant Pepto bottle.

Although, that's a good idea. I could be super annoying in my pink costume made from cardboard, and walk around singing that dumb jingle Pepto's got going, and do the stupid little 'I shouldn't have eaten that six week old pizza' dance that goes with it. I could even make it scratch-and-lick!

Whatcha think? Heeyy! Pepto Bismol...

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