The Marketing Committee for the Center (who's last meeting I missed because I was doing the Project Blog for the YCC, which I think disgruntled people, until they realized much later that I was doing it for the Center, then they became undisgruntled and slightly abashed. This didn't amuse me, honest it didn't. Because that would be mean.) finally got their T-shirts for the Center finished.

At first I was supposed to do the logo for it, but I didn't (which also probably disgruntled somebody somewhere) but they turned out really good. Except for mine is purple. This color purple. I had no say in that, I sort of wish I did. I am not a purple girl. I guess it's better then orange though.

Class went well today. We made Rainsticks. They came out actually resembling rainsticks. This was shocking to me, because normally everything we make comes out vaguely resembling a large lump of something that if you squint just right, could almost be mistaken for what we were making, almost. This one was mine.

Cliky me!

Spif, yeah? They don't sound like rain sounds per say, but they sound close enough that it might fool a baby or a deaf cat for a moment or two. That is, of course, until they break open and someone ingest the beads. Then they just sound like a doctors bill.

I'm on the search for projects for Fall, so if anyone has any ideas at all, fork them over. Please, I'm begging now, see? And I know how it floats your boat when I beg.

A haiku:

I have a sandwich.
I will eat it all gone, yum.
And you don't get any.

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